How to sync Outlook contacts with Android, iPhone, Gmail and more?

Outlook has been one of the most used email services with a user base of more than 400 billion people. Now, most of these people use the app on their phones, both iPhone and Android. To make the working of Outlook smooth, you need to sync your contacts. Here, we are discussing several ways of doing so. If you need to share Google contacts or share Gmail contacts or Shared Contacts for Gmail App then visit the Chrome Webstore or GSuite Extensions.

Sync contacts to android

To sync your Outlook contacts to android, you will have to make sure that your email provider is using the Microsoft ActiveSync. After that, you need to go to the settings of your android device and then need to press Applications. After that, tap on the Outlook option. Click on “permissions”, under App Settings and turn the contacts switch on. Then again tap on the Outlook app and go to sync. After that, tap on your account and then tap on Sync Contact. You are done.

Sync contacts with Gmail

You need to have a Gmail app on your device, to do the sync with this process. After that, register your Outlook account with Gmail. Remember that you will have to use a valid account for this one. If you don’t have one, we would suggest you create it. Now is the time to log in to your Outlook account from the Gmail app. For that, go to the Menu, which are the three horizontal lines on the top. Press Settings, then on add account and then you will find a new page opened. You will get the list of email services that Gmail app supports. Tap Exchange and Office 365.

You should not select Outlook, Hotmail and Live as these services use IMAP and POP. These are sync protocol that can sync contacts and calendars. They only sync email.

After all the above procedures, you need to type your email address and password on the next page. Your server settings will start validating and if a popup requesting Remote Security Administration appears, you need to tap OK. After that, complete the sign up on the next page. Make sure that Gmail can access your contacts and calendar. You can check this by following the settings, app, and permission and then finally can contact switch on to the green.

Sync contacts with iPhone

There are certain ways in which you can sync your outlook contact with iPhone. The first way to do it with the help of settings. For this, you need to open settings and then contact and then tap to Outlook. After this, switch background app refresh to green. Then you need to go to the Outlook app and then go to the settings. Select your account and then sync contacts. You are done.

Other options are syncing your contact on the iPhone with the help of iTunes. For syncing your Outlook contacts with iPhone using iTunes, you need to connect your iPhone with your PC and then open iTunes in it. There you will find an iPhone icon on which you need to click. From there you need to select the Info option from the Settings menu. There you will find a ‘Sync contacts with’ checkbox. You need to tap on that checkbox and then select the Outlook option from the drop-down list. For completing the setup you need to click on the apply option.

In the same way, you can sync your contacts using the iPhone, with the help of iCloud as well as email.

Sync contacts with iPads

To sync your outlook contacts with the iPad, you will use iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes. You need to connect the iPad to your computer and then select it from iTunes. Click on the Info and select the sync options for contacts.  You will get a set of options and there you need to select Outlook. You need to specify the one you want to sync by clicking Select Group. If not, then select all of them and click Sync. Syncing with iPads could be done with iCloud, Or Exchange also. All the ways are pretty simple and you can do it all by yourself.

Sync contacts with iCloud

If you want to sync contacts with iCloud, there is just one option that you could follow. First, you will have to have a PST file on your computer. After that, you need to convert PST file Into a vCard or VCF. You can use an export application to do so. After you have converted the file, you can import the vCard into iCloud.

To sync

There are some more ways to sync contacts with the iPhone such as, with the help of vCards or through the exchange. You can use any one of the above-mentioned methods, based upon what kind of device do you have. Synching your Outlook contacts can also be done with the iPad and iCloud.

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Outsourcing Agency or In-House SEO Toronto service

Marketing plays an important role for any business to advertise their business and services and reaching out to their target customers. Many big companies in the past have failed and shut down due to bad marketing strategies or not assessing their campaigns the right way. In this modern content, competing in the digital space has been the new norm. While SEO tends to develop and be updated on a regular basis, it does sometimes tend to be complex as to what trend to follow and what will be the most effective elements in an optimized marketing plan. One of the biggest debates that any company faces is whether to keep an in-house team for marketing or to hire a Professional SEO Toronto Agency. While both the cases have its pros and cons, it is up to your business to see if it can afford external agency or an in-house team with the best output.

SEO Toronto

Choosing an in-house SEO team

Having greater control: Having an in-house team gives you a greater control over the market strategies and how you can promote your product and service. If the business knows what they are doing and have proper plan, then calling the shots is the best way to go as you will get key results faster.

Better coordination: Having a house team gets you better coordination. The team already knows what is required according to the brand standard of the company and will tend to produce all the content and promotional material that complies with the business message.  Having an in-house team for your SEO will help your sales team and customer to falling place with the SEO plan.

Communication: Communication becomes a big thing when it comes to doing any marketing. Having an in-house team will have greater and more efficient communication with people sitting under one roof rather hoping to wait for a call from the outsourcing agency.

Hiring a SEO agency

Specialists: An SEO agency Toronto will have all the specialists that have the knowledge and experience to run effective SEO campaigns and rank your site. Hiring an agency will directly connect you to people with high skills in the industry.

Accountability: An agency will be more accountable to produce results to match the client’s standard. An agency will do any think possible to keep you happy and also get the desired results expected by you while you focus in the business processes.

Afford-ability: While hiring an in-house team for marketing can be expensive, outsourcing an agency is relatively cost effective in the long run. It is like an investment you make that will get you high ROI rather hiring a full-fledged team of marketers.

The decision to whether hire an in-house team or outsource the work to the agency is entirely the business call and depends on their needs and services. You need to assess your goals before you plan to do your marketing. Toronto’s top ranked company can help you with SEO campaign and can help you rank your website on the first page. Call now to book your appointment or visit the website for more info. Read here for more info.


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